Vintage Chic Cupcakes

Sticky Toffee Cupcakes in Vintage Cups and Saucers
Cupcakes handcrafted in any colour, flavour or theme, specially for your Wedding Day.

Cupcakes remain a stylish choice and each of our vintage themed cupcake can be a miniature work of art.


Some of our most popular favorite flavours include :-

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cupcakes, with drizzled toffee sauce and roasted fresh hazelnuts.


Champagne and Strawberry cupcakes, with pretty champagne and strawberry shaded icing.


Fresh Lemon and Poppy Seed cupcakes with a delicately flavoured buttercream icing.


Belgian Chocolate Cupcakes with a tangy raspbery coulis and dark creamy chocolate ganche fliling.



The cakes can be decorated in any colour theme to match your Wedding or why not opt for a beautiful mixture of styles and flavours for a truly vintage themed display, which will be the focal point of your reception and have your guests mouth's watering!


Cupcake can also be decorated with edible prints, taken from Wedding invitaiton designs or your own photographs.

Anythnig is possible so feel free to be inventive.

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