Topsy Turvy Cake Tins

Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake
Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake Tins
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These brand new tins are perfect for Topsy Turvy Wedding Cakes, Anniversary Cakes and Wonky Birthday Cake Designs.

The 4 specially shaped Wonky Cake Tins will save you hours of carving the perfect shape and are ideal for cake decorators new to this funky cake design. Wonky cakes are now hugely popular and these tins take all the guess work out of shaping a perfectly balanced cake design.

The wonky tins are made of Food Grade tin material, which is easy to wash and suitable for professional and new bakers. They make ideal tins for home baking.

Length: 6'' 8'' 10'' 12''
Depth: 3'' and 5''
Gauge: 0.35

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