Silver Blue Metallic

Dark Chocolate Patterned with Silver and Blue
Professional Chocolate Transfer Sheets
Sorry, this Cake Decorating Chocolate product is no longer available.
These superb acetate sheets are ideal for creating stylish and contemporary chocolate cakes for Weddings, Anniversaries and special celebrations. They are printed with a cocoa butter pattern which easily transfers to tempered chocolate to produce stunning results. We use them for cake designs as well as mousse pots and chocolate cups.

To use the sheets you should temper chocolate callets following the packet instructions. Trim your transfer sheet to the desired size and lay this on a flat work surface, pattern side upwards. Spread a layer of tempered chocolate over the sheet till it is completely covered to a depth of 3mm approx.

Let the chocolate set for a few minutes till it begins to harden then either pop the sheet into a ring mould, to produce a chocolate shell, or carefully wrap round a prepared and ganache covered chocolate cake. Once the chocolate has set peel off the acetate backing and be amazed at the stunning design.

Sold as individual sheets.
Each sheet measures 30cms x 40cms (12 x 16 inches Approx.)

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