Scottish Thistle Designer

Scottish Thistle, Rose and Heather Spray
With Rainbow Sugarcraft's Full Instructions
14.99 ex VAT)
Price: £17.99 Quantity:

Due to popular demand we are creating a range of helpful sugarcraft flower making kits, complete with full instructions. The first of these is Scottish Thistle Designer, which will help you to create beautiful thistle sprays. With an easy to follow instruction leafet and equipment the Thistle Designer includes:-

Thistle making thread

26g Green Florist Wires
Thistle Colour Edible Dust
2 x Thistle Bract Cutters
1 x Plunge Leaf Cutter
1 x Half Width Green Florist Tape
Rainbow Sugarcraft's Thistle Making Instructions

Other items you might require are White Flower Paste and Paste Colours (Gooseberry and Grape Violet) Rolling Pin and Edible Glue together with Green Dust and Glaze for the Leaves.



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