Scottish Favours

Pride of Scotland Tartan Favours
Scottish Tablet Favours, handmade to order.
Price: £2.40 Quantity:

Nothing compares with the flavour and texture of traditional Scottish tablet! If you're not from north of the Border it really has to be sampled (and sampled) to be believed.

It's crisp and addictively moreish, so is ideal served in small boxes as gifts, which can be trimmed with a wide choice of ribbons.

Our Scottish tablet is hand made from an old, closely guarded family recipe and probably accounts for our local dentist's thriving practise, but it's worth it!


Each box contains two generous chunks of tablet and measures 70 x 45 x 35mm.

Boxes can also be filled with two handmade rich Belgian chocolate truffles, smothered in even more chocolate for the ultimate chocolate sensation. Or for traditionalists 5 high quality Italian Sugar Almonds.

Priced individually.

Select your tartan when ordering. Please note there is a licencing fee to pay on the Pride Tartan, which makes these boxes more expensive.



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