Music and Sport Tappits

Tappit Set Music and Sports
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Consists of a football, fisherman, golf bag, trophy, drum, racing car, trumpet, guitar, treble clef & Musical note.

Sizes vary between 22mm and 62mm

Tappits are a unique way of creating decorative designs and lettering to suit all levels of sugarcraft from beginners to advanced.  They provide an easy way to decorate and compliment cakes for all types of occasion.

Lightly dust a non-stick board with cornflour then roll out a strip of flower paste very thinly.  Place this strip running top to bottom on the board and lightly dust the surface wih cornflower.  Select the Tappit, placing the cutter across the strip.

Press the Tappit firmly onto the paste, move the cutter backwards and forwards to achieve a clean cut.  Tilt the Tappit towards you and peel off the excess paste.

If you are using a design Tappit, before releasing the shape gently press down on the design using a finger dusted in cornflour or a piece of sponge foam; this will pick up the finer detail embossing from the cutter.

To remove the design hold one end of the cutter tapping the other end firmly on the edge of the board to release.

The shapes can be attached straight away onto the cake and secured using edible glue.

To achieve a two dimensional effect the design or letter pieces can be dried and used as free-standing decorations.  Use royal icing or softened sugar paste to secure in position.

Additional colour may be painted onto the dried Tappit design using a selection of paste or dust colours mixed with clear alcohol.



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