Half & Half Wedding Cake

Colourful Beach scene on the back of the cake
Traditional and Novelty Wedding & Birthday Cake Combi!

This fun cake was a complete surprise for the guests who walked into the reception to see a plain ivory cake with the Wedding Venue Castle Keep as the top tier.   When the cake was turned around it revealved a lovely holiday beach picnic scene, which celebrated the Bridesmaid and Groom's Birthday and included all the elements they requested, Highland Cows, Mr. Bean's Teddy Bear, Boxing, Fishing, Everton F.C. etc.


The handcrafted Wedding Party were dressed exactly the same as their real life counterparts on the Wedding Day, right down to their hairstyles and the flowers they were carrying.


Novelty cakes like this make a great talking point at the Reception and having your cake in this quirky Split Style is sure to please everyone!


The top tier was a rainbow cake of seven layers, filled with vanilla bean buttercream and decorated as Neidpath Castle on the front and a sand castle on the reverse.


We can personalise this style of cake to reflect all your interests, hobbies and lifestyle choices.


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