Gold and Silver Almonds

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1 KG Gold or Silver Sugared Almonds
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We only use Buratti confectionery for our almond favours, so you can be assured of an exceptional quality from one on Italy's finest producers.

There are many different grades in sugared almonds - the thicker the coating of sugar used (the cheaper of the two main ingredients) the lesser number of almonds are needed to make up a kilogram box. Buratti almonds are peeled to remove the bitter husk, halved and then coated with a thin layer of sugar giving more delicious almonds per Kilogram box.

Approx. 250 Almonds per kg.
1 kg Silver Sugared Almonds - £25.99
1 kg Gold Foiled Sugared Almonds - £25.99

1 kg Gold Coloured Sugared Almonds - £36.00

Gold Coloured AlmondsSilver Sugared AlmondsGold Foiled Sugared Almonds

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