Edible Diamonds

Edible Diamonds on Cupcakes
Diamante Jewels

These gorgeous sparkly sugar jewels are entirely edible and add a real touch of sophistication to any Wedding Cake, Mini Cake or cookie design.

Edible sugar diamonds are the latest in cake couture, transforming a plain iced cake to a twinkling centrepiece. They are an ideal decoration for cakes at an engagement party or a diamond wedding anniversary. The Edible Sugar Diamonds are now available in a gorgeous pink 'envelope' style package, with a window where the Edible Sugar Diamonds can be viewed.  Pretty enough to give as a gift to a special friend or colleague.

As they say, diamonds are a girls best friend, so throw a party with a dazzling diamond theme and carry it on all the way down to the cakes and edible gifts! Sugar diamonds are also great for decorating cakes with a wintry theme and frozen desserts - in fact, anywhere where a crystal or jewelled effect is required.

1 cm - 168 sugar diamonds per box


Edible diamonds

I just received the edible diamonds....  I LOVE THEM!!! and will be ordering more very soon ~ Betty Mendez, California



PLEASE NOTE: Sugar diamonds are affected by humidity, so it is important to read the  following instructions BEFORE PURCHASE.


Edible Sugar Diamonds are ready to use. This is a sugar product and as such can be affected by humidity or moisture from your hands which can cause them to mist over.

Once opened, they must be stored in an airtight container with the sachet of silica gel supplied in the pack. Avoid the diamonds rubbing against each other as this can spoil the clarity.

Try not to touch them directly with your hands: it is advisable to use tweezers when placing the diamonds onto cakes, biscuits and other foods.

Place these onto the food at the last minute to avoid exposure to the atmosphere. They can be used either dome or pointed shape up.

We do not recommend using these on a wedding cake where the cake design would need to be completed well in advance. We would only suggest use if the design incorporates a small area of diamonds that can be completed shortly before presentation.

When attaching them to an iced cake use stiff royal icing in the same colour as the icing or coating.

To prevent the diamonds from misting over, they can be brushed lightly with confectioners glaze. Please note, however, that this will cause a slight discolouration and they would no longer be suitable for vegetarians.

If the Sugar Diamonds mist over, the clarity can be restored by brushing them lightly with vegetable oil. Alternatively, the frosted effect of the misted diamonds




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