Day Of The Dead

Day of The Dead Wedding Cake
Love the Colours!

The vibrant cake was inspired by the Mexican Day of The Dead Celebration and is decorated with beautiful handcrafted sugar peonies, roses, sunflowers and hydrangea blossoms.


The skeleton bride and groom cake toppers are very much a celebration of life!


The end of the year isn't all about Halloween, the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos begins on All Hallows Eve, a time when the souls of our ancestors are said to walk the earth once more. Iconic Day of the Dead skulls combined with bright colours put a joyeous twist on the more typical spooky decor of this time of the year, making this a perfect take for a wedding that's all about being festive.


If I'm ever in need of a super fabulous cake in future I'll know who to call!   Thnak you so much.  Sophie xxx



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