Traditional French Croquembouche Profiterole Towers, freshly baked on the morning of the Wedding and delivered to venues through Scotland and Northern England.

These glorious pyramid of choux pastry buns remain popular French Wedding Cakes.  


 Baked on the morning of your wedding the buns are cooled and then filled with freshly prepared crème patisserie before being caramelised together in a high tower.  The pyramid often rests on a base made of edible nougatine.


 The Croquembouche can then be further decorated with sugarcraft work, French almond, spun sugar or even a top ornament.


 Traditionally guests break off pieces of the caramelised buns and 'crack it in the mouth' - hence Croquembouche.


 The Croquembouche can be eaten as dessert at your Wedding Breakfast.  We recommend you have five bite size freshly made choux buns per guest.     Délicieux!


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