Chocolate Ganache Mix

Chocolate Ganache
Rich, Dark, Creamy Chocolate Ganache Mix
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This georgeous Chocolate Ganache Mix is a time-saving, silky-smooth mix of cream and chocolate that can be piped or used as a filling.

Free up space in your kitchen. If you make large quantities of chocolate cakes Chocolate Ganache Mix means you no longer have to find storage space for vast amounts of fresh cream and chocolate.

How to make the ultimate chocolate buttercream: combine the Chocolate Ganache Mix with unsalted butter to make the perfect creamy cupcake topping. Simply make 125g of ganache as per the packet instructions, and leave in the fridge for a short time. Then add in 100g of softened, unsalted butter and whip.

Whip up something quick but impressive for unexpected guests: With Chocolate Ganache Mix it's easy to make a gorgeous last-minute cake filling. Always keep a couple of packs in your cupboard, just in case!

Create tasty and original gifts: Chocolate Ganache Mix is ideal for making quick and easy chocolates that make great after dinner treats or wedding favours.

Instructions for use included. 250g pack.

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