Champagne Sabrage Sword

Champagne Sabrage Sword
Wedding Cake Sword
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This is by far our most popular Wedding Cake Sword and is sure to become a personal family heirloom. It has an interesting history.

The French Cavalry rode into battle with a bottle of champagne to be savoured before the battle. The Cavalryman would draw his sword and with a flick of the wrist cut the neck of the bottle open. Cork, cage and bottle neck separate in one piece and the exploding pressure of the Champagne forces away any splinters of glass. It's an amazing sight to see the cork soaring away, as the Champagne sprays from the bottle! Using the Sabrage to open Champagne bottles is an art still practiced to this day.

Of course safety should always come first and we personally recommend you use this beautiful Sabre to cut your Wedding Cake.

The Sabrage sword's blade is made of chrome plated carbon steel, the most authentic sword material. It was used during the medieval and renaissance periods and is still used today.

This beautifully finished sword has a pleasantly weighty feel and is on Special Offer whilst stocks last.

Please note we do not offer an engraving service on these swords.
48cms long.

Champagne Sword in its own wooden presentation box.




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